Ice has the potential to cause frost bites around the feet if they are not properly covered, this is a painful experience that any parent would not want his dear one to pass through. Well, there’s a solution with the new and improved toddler snow boots. They are designed to keep internal temperatures warm by wading off excess cold from the environment, and preventing heat generated by the young one’s feet from escaping into the atmosphere.

10. Northside Frosty Kid’s Snow Boot

Northside Frosty Kid’s Snow Boot

Thanks to the Northside Frosty boots, you can now send your children to play in the snow rest assured that they would be safe. These shoes are made from non-porous rubber material with an elastic toggle drawstring around the straps, this way one can block out slushy incursions and retain the boot’s overall appeal. This footgear promises an all-weather protection with the chunky sheath of insulation that perfectly serves its purpose.


9. Kamik Rocket Cold Weather Boots


Kamik Rocket Cold Weather Boots


As the name suggests, they were made to handle frosty cold weather conditions where typical everyday shoes don’t stand a chance. Kamik comes fitted with a bungee-cord snow collar as well as hook bands around the feet for maximum adjustability, your kid will enjoy each moment that he/she is wearing these lovely boots. They also have a thermal insole layer, detachable moisture-wick liner and waterproof baseline with lug outsoles for enhanced comfort and dryness.

8. Sorel Flurry TP Toddler Winter Boots


Sorel Flurry TP Toddler Winter Boots


Sorel is the perfect solution for your child’s winter footwear needs, it features a nice chunky sole with grippy feel for enhanced friction. Ensuring that your dear one doesn’t lose a step and stumble while playing out with his friends, the body texture is also consists of synthetic material which prevents mist from filtering into the shoe.

7. Columbia Powderbug Print Plus-II Waterproof Winter Boots


Columbia Powderbug Print Plus-II Waterproof Winter Boots


Trust the Columbia Powder bug boots for all your outdoor fun-filled winter adventures, they have an Out Dry waterproof section cuff with Velcro straps that guarantee top-notch safety at all times. Also available is a bungee cinch console that helps in further sealing out the frost. On top of that, detachable liners provide 200g insulation, just the perfect remedy for temperatures as low as -25F degrees.

6. Sorel Yoot Pac TP Winter Boots


Sorel Yoot Pac TP Winter Boots


This is a 100% manmade shoe with an elegant fused design and impermeable soles that prevent seepage of water into the inner soles, the Sorel brand is renowned for consistency and excellent quality with this particular shoe living up to that status. The material is also expandable and can suit toddlers with wide feet without experiencing any discomfort.

5. Tundra Quebec Toddler Boots


Tundra Quebec Toddler Boots


Strap your youngster into a Tundra Quebec boot and watch her play without a single care in the world, this heavy-duty snow gear will keep your daughter warm and comfy even in temperatures of -30 degrees Celsius. It comes complete in a sharp dual-tone finish and is designed for maximum traction. Even more interesting, the shaft can be opened for dressing purposes and there’s an additional cross-strap for customizable fits.

4. Itasca Toddler Snow Stomper Boots Grey/Black


Itasca Toddler Snow Stomper Boots Grey/Black


These rugged Tundra boots are designed to withstand the toughest winter conditions, they are waterproof and can cope with climates of up to -22F without any difficulties. Some additional details that one would come to appreciate include Velcro straps, mountain patch and variable ankle pull tabs. The TPR foot and outsoles have also been fused together for a complete waterproof experience.

3. Crocs 14613 Winter PF Toddler’s BT K Boots


Crocs 14613 Winter PF Toddler’s BT K Boots


This boot is made from the rare Croslite material which features a comfortable lightweight design that your kid will truly appreciate, walking in snow would no longer has to be a tedious task thanks to the 14613 Winter PF boots. They have superior-grip, non-marking and are odor resistant unlike other toddler snow boots found in the market.

2. Polo Ralph Lauren 95410-GS Vancouver EZ Girls Snow Boots


Polo Ralph Lauren 95410-GS Vancouver EZ Girls Snow Boots


Help your daughter create a classy winter look with one of these adorable boots, Ralph Lauren EZ Boots have a rubber and textile lace structure complete with an embroidery pony logo on the side. This gear boasts of a porous textile lining and cushioned fabric insole that delivers extra comfort. It’s perfect for children aged between 4 and 10yrs old.

1. Caribou Junior Kids Mountain Warehouse Snow Boots


Caribou Junior Kids Mountain Warehouse Snow Boots


Caribou is a warm and functional winter boot that has undergone several authentication tests to verify its performance, the shoe features high traction inlays for easy maneuvering around the snow, and Sherpa fleece on the inside which ensures that your toes remain warm for all-day comfort. The stripy design stands out from the rest and always looks great.


Buying your kid a pair of toddler snow boots is the best gift that a parent can give his child this winter season, these shoes are not just stylish but functional as well. They can be worn to school, church, shopping mall or whichever destination your child is headed to.