Looking for automotive brake repair tools?  If so, then you are at the perfect place.  When replacing brakes there is nothing more than having the right tools.  Helping you out in getting them, I compiled a list of the top 10 best automotive brake repair tools at the moment.  Check them out by clicking on links linking to customer reviews.

Astro Pneumatic 78618 Brake Caliper Wind Back Tool Set – 18 Piece
at $69.00 New from $32.78

18 Piece Brake Caliper Wind Back Tool Set.

OEM 25056 Brake Spring Washer Tool
at $5.55 New from $0.55

Manufactured using high carbon steel and high quality chrome vanadium steel for strength, durability and resistance to corrosion. These tools feature ID stamping showing size and brand.

OTC 7249 Ball Joint, U-Joint and Brake Anchor Pin Service Kit
at $189.95 New from $103.99

This OTC kit removes and installs press-fit parts such as ball joints, universal joints, and truck brake anchor pins. The kit contains 3 receiver tubes (2-3/4 inch I.D. x 3 inch O.D., 2-1/4 inch I.D. x 2-1/2 inch O.D., and 1-3/4 inch I.D. x 2 inch O.D.) and 1 installing cup, 1 receiving cup, and 1 i… read more

Professional Disc-Brake Caliper Wind-Back Tool Kit
at $89.99 New from $26.57

Rotates piston back into caliper for fitment of new brake shoes !!!11 pcs kit rotates piston back into caliper for fitting of new brake shoes. Can be use on most domestic and imports including Europe and Japan models such as Mercedes, BMW, VW, GM, Audi, Ford, Honda, Subaru, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi… read more

OTC 6980 Heavy Duty Brake Drum and Rotor Puller
at $169.95 New from $99.95

The OTC heavy duty brake drum and rotor puller handles large components such as brake drums, rotors, drive wheels, gears, flywheels and pulleys. One person can easily set the tool in place and use for tough pulls even where there is little access to insert the jaws. Can be used with air tools to red… read more

TEKTON 5807 5-in-1 3/8-Inch Drive Disc Brake Piston Retractor
at $15.99 New from $4.07

TEKTON DISC BRAKE PISTON CUBE features: Drop Forged, Heat Treated Chrome-Molybdenum Steel Construction, Chrome Plated for Durability, Rotates Pistons Back into Brake Calipers when Replacing Pads, Unique Cube Design Provides Five Drive Pin Configurations to Fit Most Rear Disc Brake Relining Applicati… read more

Powerbuilt 640592 12-Piece Disc Brake Repair Kit
New from $19.43

The Powerbuilt 12 Piece Disc Brake Repair Set includes tools and step-by-step instructions for basic disc brake maintenance. This kit includes: disc brake pad spreader tool, 6 hex bits (1/4-inch, 5/16-inch, 3/8 inch, 7 millimeter, 8 millimeter, and 10 millimeter), 3 Torx bits (T-40, T-45, and T-50),… read more

Car / Truck Disc Brake Pad Spreader Puller
New from $5.35

Features:Drop forged, heat treated steel pad puller, black finished for durabilityOversized, high impact PVC handle for sure grip and maximum leverageCompresses disc brake piston for easy pad installationIdeal for installing disc brake pads on all foreign and domestic cars and trucks

Phoenix Systems (PS MAXPRO-205) MaxPro Brake/Clutch Bleeder
at $386.12 New from $355.38

Don’t force trapped air down. Push it up and out. The Phoenix MaxPro Reverse Brake Bleeder is a revolutionary tool based on the incredibly obvious concept Air wants to gp up. That’s it. Traditional brake bleeding tools and techniques fight this principal. At Phoenix, we harness it so you can quickl… read more

RV Repair and Maintenance Manual (RV Repair & Maintenance Manual)
by Bob Livingston at $34.95 New from $139.28 Used from $63.52

RV Repair and Maintenance Manual is the most popular resource for owners who prefer to work on their own RVs. The book features step-by-step procedures for maintaining and repairing RVs, presented in easy-to-understand layman’s terms and simple-to-follow instructions. From trouble-shooting guideline… read more