Black-ops military watches.  Is it insane for men to spend a lot of money on watches?  Black-ops military watches, also referred to tactical watches are quite popular among men.  Although they are used for fashion, they are mostly used by people who like adventure.  Check out my favorite list of black-ops military watches under $500.

Suunto X-Lander Wrist-Top Computer Watch

black-ops military watch








This watch is designed for the ultimate adventurer and outdoor enthusiast.   The Suunto X-Lander is an accurate watch including an altimeter, a barometer, an electronic compass and a multifunction sports watch in one package.

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Luminox Evo Navy Seal Blackout Watch 3051


navy seal watch


The Luminox Evo is super lightweight and extremely accurate.  It has a classy look for those men who like fashionable watches.  It can be readable in extremely dark conditions.  It has scratch-resistance glass and a rubber band.

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Suunto Vector HR Computer Watch


suunto computer watch


The Suunto Vector HR is a highly accurate watch including an altimeter, barometer, compass and weather indicator.  It can sense upcoming storms and sudden drops in air pressure.


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Suunto Core Alu Deep Watch



The Suunto Core Alu Deep is a lightweight and modern watch.  It has a barometer, compass and dept meter.  This watch can be used in extreme condtions.


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Invicta Men’s Speciality Gunmetal Chronograph Black Watch

invicta military watch



Comprising a Japanese movement, the Invicta Men’s Speciality watch is water-resistant and lightweight.  Having a blend of mechanics and design, this watch is built to last.

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